BMW Repair Peachtree City

Brake Repair

Hella Pagid Brakes a Kelly's Automotive Repair Favorite

Are your brakes making noise? Car not stopping as well as it did when it was new? Bring it in for a brake performance evaluation. Kelly has trained in Europe with the largest manufacture of brake friction in the world to insure that you get the most out of you brake system. For the best auto repair in Peachtree City, Senoia, Tyrone and surrounding areas ask for Kelly's.

Belt Replacement

Power Steering Belt Set 1979 Mercedes 450SL

Did you know that belts wear like your tires do? Gone are the days of replacing belts when cracks start to appear, now we have belt depth gauges to make sure you are getting the most out of your belts. Now should your belts develop cracks to depth gauge will be necessary as this condition will be caught during our safety inspection

Tire Replacement

Pireli Tires, Toyo Tires

Tires are your only connection with the road. Since tires are vital to the safety of you and your passengers we take this area very serious. A couple of pounds off from manufacture spec can cause handling issues, as can installing a tire that is not rated for the weight or speed that your vehicle requires. 

Oil Change

Amsoil European 5w40 Mercedes SL500

The foundation for every properly running automobile is quality oil. We specialize in synthetic oil changes using quality oil and OE filters from Mann, Mahle, Wix, Amsoil, Motul, Mobil 1 and Napa Gold. Every oil change includes a multipoint inspection to ensure the proper running condition of your car. 

Timing Belt Service

Contitech Timing Belt, Volkswagen 1.9L TDI ALH

Some engines are equipped with a timing belt instead of a timing chain. In many ways this can be beneficial but the main reason is belts have less resistance than chains do so they provide better fuel economy. The downside is that they need to be changed more often than chains and errors in the timing department can cause major issues. We always recommend replacing at or just before the factory recommendation for the health of the engine. 

Check Engine Light


Cars are becoming the most advanced device we come in contact with on a daily bases. This means that fixing them is also becoming more complicated as are the tools required to do perform the diagnostics. Kelly's Automotive has invested countless hours into training on the most advanced systems in use today. We boast a robust tool set comprising the latest BMW ISTA, Mercedes STAR, and VAGcom to fully diagnose, program, and code BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, and Porsche. We also have dealer level software for Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler with programming capabilities also. We are you source for BMW repair in peachtree city, Tyrone, Senoia and surrounding areas.